I’m Tom, a biologist living in Białowieża Forest in eastern Poland. I have a PhD from Warsaw University on how wolves shape ecosystems.

Poland has a rich natural heritage. Here you can find the kind of nature that has been wiped out over time in western Europe. Through my scientific work I aim to contribute a little towards unlocking its ecological secrets.

Few English sources show Polish wildlife to the world. Hence my website documents stories I encounter about the wolves and wildlife inhabiting Poland. I hope you’ll find it useful. Perhaps in this small way I can help society keep a hold of its few remaining wild places for future generations.

All tours and products are sold by Polish registered business Białowieża Wildlife Services – Tomasz Diserens, Teremiski 52C, 17-230 Teremiski. NIP: 6030082804 (VAT EU: PL 6030082804 ). Regon: 526430437.