I offer help to tourists in crafting an optimal Białowieża Forest itinerary. It is easy to get confused while visiting Białowieża Forest. There are few landmarks, the better-preserved forest can be hard to find, and the animals are elusive. Moreover, the area suffers from poor public transport and English tourist information. That’s why I’m offering my support in crafting your itinerary. For 20 I can advise on how to book a hotel or train, plan your trips into the ancient woods, and spot bison. Just email me with what you would like to see/do. I’ll get back to you with a potential plan for the best way to do it.

Please be aware that I can’t give reliable advice on how to see the more elusive animals, like wolves, lynx – I myself see them too rarely. I also cannot advise on bird watching, as I am only a beginner ornithologist. On the other hand, if you want to see bison, cultural sights, and old-growth forest, I can help you plan the perfect itinerary.

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