The following are species negatively affected by excessive logging and removal of dead wood from Białowieża Forest. Most of these endangered species depend on an abundance of dead wood, which is why they are extinct across most managed forests (where dead wood is routinely removed). In time I’ll add some details and photos for each of the species, but for now it remains just a list.

Habitats Directive Annex II species directly affected

Latin name Polish name English name What is it?
Rhysodes sulcatus Zagłębek bruzdkowany Wrinkled bark beetle Beetle
Phryganophilus ruficollis Konarek tajgowy Beetle
Osmoderma eremita Pachnica dębowa Hermit beetle Beetle
Buprestis splendens Bogatek wspaniały The Goldstreifiger Beetle
Cucujus cinnaberinus Zgniotek cynobrowy Flat bark beetle Beetle
Boros schneideri Ponurek Schneidera Beetle
Thesium ebracteatum Leniec bezpodkwiatkowy Flower
Pulsatilla patens Sasanka otwarta Eastern pasqueflower Flower
Agrimonia pilosa Rzepik szczeciniasty Hairy agrimony Flower


Birds Directive Annex I species directly affected

Latin name Polish name English name
Glaucidium passerinum Sóweczka Pygmy owl
Aegolius funereus Włochatka zwyczajna Boreal owl
Dendrocopos leucotos Dzięcioł białogrzbiety White-backed woodpecker
Picoides tridactylus Dzięcioł trójpalczasty Three-toed woodpecker